World's FIRST Scratch-N-Sniff Website

Shakir Multimedia
Shakir Multimedia
Since 1986, Shakir Multimedia has been breaking the laws of creativity. Getting business for your business is our business. We offer the best in consulting, voiceovers, public relations, and marketing. We are the first marketing company with a scratch and sniff website. Receive a 25% discount if you can tell us which scent we embedded on our website. Scratch your screen and tell us: is it Strawberry Shortcake? Or Red Velvet cake?
Our Products
  1. Yummy Voiceovers
    Yummy Voiceovers
    We have a proven 30-year track record of effective, professional broadcast imaging, promos and commercials.
  2. Yummy Consulting
    Yummy Consulting
    Let us consult your business to increase brand awareness and your bottom line.
  3. Yummy Marketing Services
    Yummy Marketing Services
    Shakir Multimedia offers creative, strategical marketing, which helps keep your brand consistent.